Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wax Off

As the Wax On works are removed from the gallery wall there's a certain sense of melancholia setting in. But, as the good Budd says, nothing is permanent. All things must pass. And so, with Captain Goodvibes 3D head safely bubble-wrapped in the back of my car, I'm heading down to Bondi to hand over our beloved mascot to its rightful owner.
David Elfick co-founded 'the surfer's bible' Tracks Magazine back in the early '70s and produced those seminal surf films 'Morning Of the Earth' and 'Crystal Voyager'. He kindly lent us the Pig of Steel's head for the duration of the show and today he'll take him back up to Palm Beach where he'll preside over the waves from his lookout in the old pink dance hall. Om Mani Pig Hum.