Tuesday, July 27, 2010

HELL (nipple rash)

Nude surfing is an art that very few people perfect. When Suze the Flooze tried in down at Yorkes Penninsular she was crying out for hell nipple rash.
It was this episode that sparked the idea for a video work by The Stoked, a Sydney based guerrilla collective that creates random acts of art, often provoked by other works of art. In this case, Tracey Moffatt’s Heaven provided the catalyst. Responding to the all male focus in Moffatt’s now classic 1997 film, The Stoked created a work in which the camera is trained on female surfers performing the same ritual as seen in Heaven, that of getting into and out of wetsuits in beach car parks.
In this perv-fest you can see radical professional surfer Amee Donohoe who was ranked 5th in the world last year. But don't expect the kind of flashy flesh jobs that are on display in Heaven. The chicks in Hell (Nipple Rash) are a lot more discrete having had years of practice avoiding the predatory male gaze as they suit up in public.
BTW Tracey Moffatt is giving a talk at the AGNSW this Friday at 6pm.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Nothing like a bit of public shaming to get some action on long overdue issues. I was asked for a contribution to this recent Tracks magazine article on the Webber brothers by middle sibling Monty. His older brother Greg had been promising me a board for years so I thought I'd remind him about it via the quote. No sooner had it hit the stands than I got a text; 'What dimensions?' So a 5'10" Fatburner is on it's way - hooray!!!

Greg and Monty made the amazing film 'Liquid Time' (2004) which was exhibited in 'Wax On'. It depicts what could very well be the most perfect waves ever seen on screen. But they’re only 30 centimetres high. Generated by Greg at the helm of a tinnie and shot by Monty with a boom-mounted lipstick camera, these “Microwaves”(as legendary surf cameraman George Greenough calls them) are breaking on the sandbanks of the Clarence River near the Webber family's spiritual home at Angourie.

Winner of the 2004 Cinematography Award at the Saint Jean de Luz Surf Film Festival, this short film features a chilled soundtrack from Tim “Love” Lee who gained fame as the keyboardist with ‘Katrina and the Waves’. Looking forward to their next cinematic outing.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Yesterday was this year's Day Out of Time according to the Mayan Calendar. Randy "Cosmic Hand" Bruner from 'It's About Time' on the Jewel Network (blogtalkradio.com) explains it like this; "Due to the nature of the 13 Moon 28 day calendar we are left with an extra day at the end of the year. 13 moons times 28 days gives us 364 days. So we’re left with an extra day. We refer to this day as “the Day Out of Time”. It is not a day of the week. It is not a day of the month. It is a Day Out of Time. However, it does have a spiritual value. It is a day in the 260 day sacred calendar of the Maya known as the Tzolkin."
It was "a great day for a picnic or a visit to your local sacred site or just gathering together with friends for a celebration of life", Randy said.
Unbeknownst to the White Resonant Mirror and I (Yellow Galactic Sun), we found ourselves high up on the cliffs at the Golf Course, north of Bondi Beach, beside some amazing carvings of whales, sharks and other marine creatures by the Gadigal People of the Eora Nation. We'd just come from surfing at Maroubra where we'd seen several southern right whales breaching not far offshore, leaping out of the ocean and plunging back down with gigantic splashes. We thought we might catch another sight of them from up here or maybe even see the full moon rise. Instead we spotted ten, twenty, fifty, eighty and then a hundred dolphins racing south along the coast towards us. As they came swirling to a halt right beneath us we realised that this awesome meg-pod was hunting down a school of huge fish - perhaps kingfish - that were leaping out of the water trying to avoid their jaws of death.
It was the sort of gobsmacking vision that we knew was going to be hard to describe to friends and family. Luckily the White Overtone Wizard called just as we spotted the pod, which seemed to stretch back all the way to South Head, so he knew our over excitement was for real. But my twin sisters (whose birthday it was), parents and nephews found it hard to comprehend when we met with them just 15 minutes later for an early dinner at the sublime Sean's Panaroma.
Only now as I research what was going on in the Mayan sense do I realise what I should've said to make myself perfectly clear. I was a galactic activation portal! "The new year in the 13 Moon Calendar is timed to coincide with a cosmic event. On July 26th the brightest star in the sky, Sirius, will rise with the sun".

Yellow Self-existing Star
I define in order to beautify
measuring art
I seal the store of elegance
with the self existing tone of form
I am guided by the power of flowering
I am a galactic activation portal… enter me

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Life is lovely living one hour north of the City of Sydney. Have extracted myself from the Eastern Suburbs for the first time in my life and am basically blissed out. Having surfed Bondi all these years it's delightful to explore all these gorgeous uncrowded breaks free from 'packer drop ins and runaway learner boards. Saw whales at Whale Beach and Guy Pearce at Warriewood. Wonderful!


Abbey McCulloch was commissioned to paint this portrait of Aussie surf superstar Pam Burridge for Wax On and now the fab canvas is seeking a home. It's a rare opportunity for someone to have a full tilt legend watching over them and inspiring them into deeper barrels. So let the bidding begin!!