Monday, July 26, 2010


Nothing like a bit of public shaming to get some action on long overdue issues. I was asked for a contribution to this recent Tracks magazine article on the Webber brothers by middle sibling Monty. His older brother Greg had been promising me a board for years so I thought I'd remind him about it via the quote. No sooner had it hit the stands than I got a text; 'What dimensions?' So a 5'10" Fatburner is on it's way - hooray!!!

Greg and Monty made the amazing film 'Liquid Time' (2004) which was exhibited in 'Wax On'. It depicts what could very well be the most perfect waves ever seen on screen. But they’re only 30 centimetres high. Generated by Greg at the helm of a tinnie and shot by Monty with a boom-mounted lipstick camera, these “Microwaves”(as legendary surf cameraman George Greenough calls them) are breaking on the sandbanks of the Clarence River near the Webber family's spiritual home at Angourie.

Winner of the 2004 Cinematography Award at the Saint Jean de Luz Surf Film Festival, this short film features a chilled soundtrack from Tim “Love” Lee who gained fame as the keyboardist with ‘Katrina and the Waves’. Looking forward to their next cinematic outing.

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