Thursday, April 22, 2010


They always get a bad rap but sharks rock. My bestie had a Fijian shark totem and he took his heritage to heart.
At the premiere of 'Australia', he crafted a shark outfit that rocked the red carpet to it's underfelt. The dinner shirt splattered with blood was a special touch.
His totem manifested into a stunning decoration last Christmas outside his Darlinghurst cafe FAB. Complete with a red nose, the gnarly beastie took the place of a reindeer and dragged a splayed Santa in 6inch heels on a boogie board sleigh for a wild and festive ride.

My soul mate, the white pointer shark, broke free into the void last month and is currently surfing the cosmic foam somewhere out there in the universe. Fear not his jaws of death. Protect his kind by adopting a shark instead. The Bondi Girls Surf Riders have one affectionately known as Schapelle. She brings members good karma in the surf.
Humans have decimated this mighty species by over 90% through shark finning, a crazy industry that wastes 75% of the animal in quest of what amounts to a carcenogenic cartiledge for a supposedly potent soup.
Help save the sharks and respect their habitat.