Monday, September 27, 2010


Took delivery of my fab new 5'10" fatburner from the lovely, loopy Greg Webber who obviously had fun signing his signature along the stringer (see pic). Gave it a test ride yesterday at Bungan in some cute little punchy numbers and it's officially my new best friend. Pity it's so flat today otherwise we'd be on another hot date. Had a chat with a longboarder on the steep climb back up from the beach who said he had "man-flu". I told him I think I have Giardia. Am looking forward to meeting up with Dr G. Spot today for medication and emerging with renewed vigor to take on end of week swell with my new bestie. Thanks Gregoire x

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Lighthouses abound on the treacherous South Australian coastline as do cracker surf breaks. After a week of healing surfing with the local dolphins and my amazing girlfriends around this magnificent, remote area, I headed out to this point to pay my respects. What happened next was nothing short of a mystical experience. Scores of white pointer sharks converged in the colliding currents below. It was particularly trippy because my soul buddy had just departed these Earthly shores and his Fijian totem was the shark. I certainly felt his spirit flying free and wild and hopefully protecting me and all our mates in the surf.

Coming soon! 'Sea Hags Ahoy!' - the film of the trip with music by 'The Break'.

Friday, September 10, 2010


'Another Day In Paradise' was the title of this stop motion animation which featured in Wax On earlier this year. It was shot on the breakwater at Nobby's Beach, Newcastle by New Zealand artist Sarah Smuts-Kennedy who is currently represented once again at Hazelhurst Gallery in the exhibition 'Shifting Sands'. The fab Ace Bourke is the curator. Not only is he the guy who owned the YouTube sensation Christian the Lion, he is also a descendant of Lieutenant Phillip Gidley King, who with Captain Arthur Phillip in the First Fleet had early encounters with Aborigines in Botany Bay.
'Dream Paradise' is Sarah's new work, inspired by Joni Mitchell's lyrics "they paved paradise and put up a parking lot". It's comprised of seven totem poles that throw shadows on her two videos of landscapes in Kamay National Park at Kurnell. Cool stuff.