Tuesday, July 27, 2010

HELL (nipple rash)

Nude surfing is an art that very few people perfect. When Suze the Flooze tried in down at Yorkes Penninsular she was crying out for hell nipple rash.
It was this episode that sparked the idea for a video work by The Stoked, a Sydney based guerrilla collective that creates random acts of art, often provoked by other works of art. In this case, Tracey Moffatt’s Heaven provided the catalyst. Responding to the all male focus in Moffatt’s now classic 1997 film, The Stoked created a work in which the camera is trained on female surfers performing the same ritual as seen in Heaven, that of getting into and out of wetsuits in beach car parks.
In this perv-fest you can see radical professional surfer Amee Donohoe who was ranked 5th in the world last year. But don't expect the kind of flashy flesh jobs that are on display in Heaven. The chicks in Hell (Nipple Rash) are a lot more discrete having had years of practice avoiding the predatory male gaze as they suit up in public.
BTW Tracey Moffatt is giving a talk at the AGNSW this Friday at 6pm.

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