Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Paid a visit to Fogg Hall in Hazel-brook yesterday where Ellis D and the Fogg tech support team were working on the infamous 'Wave Of Stoke' light installation (pictured). Mr Fogg introduced me to Rhiannnon, his young apprentice and showed me the tattooed wave on the nape of her neck which had inspired the light work. He also gave me a tour of his HQ which featured a wild collection of shoes from his days as a shoe fetishist and some classic Martin Sharp prints from the psychedelic Yellow House days.
Mr Sharp has played with waves himself - check out 'Babylon the great is fallen. Revelations 18 v2' (2000-2006). This work will feature in an exhibition at the Museum of Sydney opening Oct 31st but in the meantime, Ellis D is riding his own wave of illuminated success. He's off to India again tomorrow where he is being rediscovered as the light master that he is. And Hazelhurst Gallery will be mounting a show of his work in the gardens during Feburary.
Regarding the light in the centre of the barrel of his wave, he says it's "the cosmic eye" - or, as they used to say back in the '70s, "cos-fucking-mic!"

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