Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Jo Cuzzi calls herself variously "an undisciplined, multidisciplinary artist, a diorama drama queen, stencil slag, persistent painter, pornographic photographer, fake filmmaker, eclectic electronic experimentalist and incidental installation artist".

Lately she has been developing a couple of kooky characters called Horis and Doris who find themselves in all sorts of peculiar scenarios including bobbing about in tea-cups in shark infested waters made from recycled Sydney Ferries tickets. their adventures are like a collision between Reverse Garbage and Where The Wild Things Are.

For Wax On she's increased her usual pizza box diorama dimensions to almost life-size with an installation that sees her hapless duo surfing waves of Whale Sanctuary posters in front of a burning city made of big capitalist dollar bills. Horis is holding an incendiary match but the work also hints at the climate chaos that our developed lifestyles have ignited. When that tsunami rolls in, kids, you better get those boards out!

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  1. this post just totally rocked my boat...itching to see it. one way or tother...i WILL journey to the shire.