Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Finally, the infamous hollow wooden longboard, which was handmade by my own fair pair at the Comboyne workshop last October, has been glassed. And what a sexy piece of plank it is too! Her rails were lovingly fine tuned by the amazing Bobo as was her tail and I'm looking forward to handing her over to him for a test ride next week.

Can't decide what to call her yet although 'Spanker' popped out of my mouth just now! She's a bit quirky in that she has something rattling around inside her. I think one of those cheeky Comboyne kids might have inserted a macadamia nut shell while I wasn't watching!

Took her down to Palm Beach for an initiation wax job to rival Rachel Scott's 'Phantasmagoriapsychosexmagia' (see earlier post) and will be cutting together a short film in celebration of the momentous event (watch this space). The low tide Palmy shore breaks were not the ideal conditions to initiate Spank the Plank so I'm taking her down to Green Island for a cruise this arvo.

In the meantime, her sister stick - the 5'10" Webber - has been getting a workout. Yesterday it was on those nice chunky waves  pulsing through at North Avalon and this morning we had some fun at Warriwood.  Life really is a beach.

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