Thursday, February 3, 2011


Went to the opening of the Australian Surf Film Festival at the good old Randwick Ritz last night. First flick up was 'Who is J.O.B?', a great doco about Pipeline tube pig and radical nut case Jaimie O'Brien. JOB reveals that he had a chronic ear infection as a kid and was told to stay out of the water for a year. His dad, a fiercely ambitious Hawaiian surf dog, wasn't going to let him loose any time in the water so he gaffer- taped a swimming cap to young Jamie's head, whacked a helmet on him and ordered him back into the waves. And thus was born a champ, albeit one who burns the rule book.
After this excellent piece of surf cinema, Festival initiator Tim Bonython launched his new film which is loosely based on the premise of taking three indigenous surfers - Dale Richasrds, Otis Carey and Russ Molony - on a safari from Red Bluff and Gnarloo in Western Australia, to Streaky Bay in South Australia, and then (possibly) Wreck Bay on the South Coast of NSW before heading down to some monstrous man-munching waves at Shipsterns in Tasmania.
Coff's Harbour homeboy Otis Carey was in the house and acknowledged that we were all gathered on Aboriginal land before being subjected to a cringe worthy interview by the director. Tim takes beautiful footage but he can't ask a question to save his life!  The big discovery of the night was a crazy SA dude who does surf stunts like riding a wave backwards while hauling an imaginary rope out of the barrel. He also surfs in a kooky pose on one leg and then sitting down. "If you can do it, do it!" is his motto. Right on, 'bro.

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