Sunday, June 21, 2009


Met with Roger Foley the other day down at the Hazelhurst Gallery where he plans to resurrect the by now infamous 'Wave of Stoke' for 'Wax On'. It will be a 3 x 3 metre L.E.D. light wave rising up beside you as you enter the gallery and we want to source a soundscape to accompany it.

Roger also showed us his 10 page spread in the magazine 'Lighting India' where he writes about his approach to light. He also poses such heavy weight questions as 'What is ART?' and answers thus: "One of Australia's greatest living artists, Martin Sharp, once told me that - all art is erotic - meaning that if it does not turn you on and lift your spirits then it is not art. I agree. Munch notwithstanding."

Munch? Roger, please explain!


  1. The artist Edvard Munch is most famous for his painting "The Scream" and for being a very gloomy, melancholy and negative artist and man. However in my view he transcended his negativity and sadness by doing the work. By painting. By being a great artist. And was thus redeemed. The point I was making is that Munch painted with such skill despite his mental state that his positive actions are what lift your spirits. The medium, the fact of his actions, is the message not the subject matter . Thats what I think. Or am I just having a foggy moment. Roger Foley-Fogg. (posted by Nell cause dear Roger - our exhibition elder - can't get his creative brain around the blog yet - bless him!)

  2. Hell yeah Nell, Mr Foley-Fogg has that right. My work that pleases me most often came out of that place. It also relates to what I was saying to you the other day about surfing(sometimes) dragging me out of those deepest darkest places- it might be a great ride or just copping the washing machine and getting a snout full of saltwater- true grace or real struggle. Art and surfing for me are very close except one leaves a residue and the other an intangible.