Monday, June 22, 2009


We're always drawn to the sea, if not to surf then at least to promenade. And that's what Sarah Smuts Kennedy is exploring in her Wax On work - 'Another Day In Paradise'. Using old 35mm stock in her Nikon FM2 she's created a stop motion animation of people promenading along a breakwater jutting out into the Pacific Ocean at Nobby's Beach.
Among those who pass in front of her frame (fixed by a pole at her back) are fisherfolk, cyclists, families and boogie boarders. The surf isn't pumping but it keeps rolling in and breaking on the rocks, providing a bracing encounter with this force of nature.
The work also has a nostalgic quality, like viewing primitive film through a contraption in an old fashioned seaside fun park.

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  1. SSK has a new solo show on at Sophie Cannon Gallery in Melbourne until July 25. It's called 'Pretty, As A Picture' and it's a subtle comment about the destruction of the Tasmanian wilderness in particular and the Australian environment in general. There are some gorgeous paintings on display as well as some adorable gilded gum nuts poised on lichen-like plinths. Pretty!