Monday, July 27, 2009

Just Because He Surfs Doesn't Mean He Has A Brain

In The Australian last Friday the opposition spokesman on families and housing suggested that the public's concern about global warming was a fad and "that adapting to climate change may be more sensible than trying to create a largely carbon-free economy". 
Meanwhile, on the other side of this front page photo was a story about the port of Newcastle being all set to triple its annual output of coal to 300 million tonnes by 2015 - the very same year by which scientists are telling us we must stabilise the planet's temperature at 2 degrees centigrade. 
42 ships were pictured already anchored awaiting shipments, similar to the ones seen coming and going in Sarah Smuts Kennedy's old school animation 'Another Day In Paradise', currently on show at GBK, Waterloo. This work, which  will feature in 'Wax On', is being exhibited alongside her glazed and gilded coal nuggets which are elevated on delightful sculpted plinths, and her paintings including the gorgeous yet disturbing 'Quarry Vision'. 
Sarah and I are now off to the Liverpool Plains now to research 'COAL - The Musical'.

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  1. I'm sure the opposition spokesman on families and housing will have to deal with families relocating their housing once the ocean starts knocking on their front doors.
    'COAL - the musical'? That's brilliant! I can't wait to see Sarah's works.