Friday, July 31, 2009


I always wanted to have Nell's spectacular shimmering sequined work 'Unlimited Radiance' in the show. The massive piece recalls the logo for the classic surf flick  'Morning of the Earth' and seems to conjure up everything about the experience of bobbing about in the water as the sun either comes up or goes down - those meditative moments when nature is so phenomenal that it doesn't even matter if you get a wave or not. 
Sadly, the dimensions of the piece were simply too big for the Hazelhurst gallery space and we had to abandon the idea. Today I met with Nell in her Rushcutters Bay studio to discuss another concept that she's been tossing about, one that sits more comfortably with her current artistic pursuits. 
In her exhibition 'All The Way' which opened at Ros Oxley's Gallery last September, Nell explored her 3 practices of art, Zen meditation and yoga in a series of paintings which featured figures in the lotus position with various texts inscribed upon their skin. Expect to see an evolution of this yogi coming to a beach near you.

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  1. Oh, I was so looking forward to seeing this work in the flesh (or in the sequince as it were). I eagerly await Nells next one - it sounds pretty cool.