Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Went to check out a new group exhibition of ceramic work today called 'Crossfire'. My mission was to have a good squizz at ten tantilising tiles made by South Australian surfing artist Gerry Wedd. Each one features a cartoonish 'Sgraffito' image of a legendary surfer demonstrating their landmark manourves such as Snowy McAlister performing a headstand on his mal and Midget Farrelly on a wave with his arms thrown up in the air.
When I spoke with Gerry on the phone about getting some of these precious little gems into 'Wax On', he'd just come in from a surf at his local break and confessed that he was dripping salt water from every orifice. "I think they're art" he said of the tiles which are displayed in simple Ikea frames. I totally agree. See what you think of them at Legge Gallery 183 Regent Street Redfern until July 25 or on Gerry's own blog- Weddwould.blogspot.com

And speaking of Crossfire, I'm off to East Timor tomorrow to explore some new surf spots. Ah, the allure of the far out East.

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