Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Fresh from the Spice Islands as I am has prompted me to introduce another Wax On artist, Tim Silver. I tried to get 'Full Rub', his excellent wax cast surfboard for the show (seen here impaled at MOP gallery in 2005) but the work has since melted. 
Instead, we've secured a series of five gorgeous and humorous photographs that hint at the irresistible lure of the South East Asian Archipelago as a mecca for surfers. Here's how Tim describes it:

"The process documents a Havianna thong, cast from cinnamon, set against a beach and documents it's demise against the incoming tide.  It's from a larger series called (coming round again), which featured other 

objects cast from other materials, such as Mace Sunglasses, Nutmeg Coke Cans, Ginger Croc Shoes and so on."

If only the real McCoy drift would smell so good and decompose so effortlessly!


  1. Ah I saw this one with Nell. It's brilliant. I thought it was a regular thong until I looked closer and saw that it was decomposing in each image. It's verry cool, I can't wait to see it again in the exhibition.

  2. Finally met Tim in the flesh last Thursday. He was outside the Newcastle Regional Gallery having a ciggie break in between hanging the Fiona Hall show. Love your work Tim!